Nota Baloyi – Female Celebs Are All Broke!

The controversial Nota Baloyi is once again topping the trend list after lashing out at Mzansi’s female celebrities. Taking to social media, shortly after having his Twitter account back, Baloyi has lambast black female celebrities as broke women who only dates men with money.Scores of tweeps have since called out Nota Baloyi for his unsavory tweet that he made about Mzansi female celebrities. In essence Baloyi called female celebrities gold diggers as he mentioned how they are all broke women and without rich father but only rely on rich men.

In the same tweet, Baloyi had tweeps confused as he first lashed out at Winnie Mashaba, who can not afford a Ben 10. Tweeps are wondering if he meant the House of Zwide actress Winnie Ntshaba or the gospel singer, Winnie Mashaba. Either way Baloyi’s jab definitely rubbed a number of people the wrong way.

It appeared a number of tweeps share the similar sentiments with Baloyi when it comes to Mzansi’s female celebrities. With their chests, tweeps agreed with Baloyi’s statement while proceeded to claim that women with degrees does not go around rubbing their accolades and lifestyles in other people’s faces.

In the same token, scores of outraged tweeps did not beat around the bush to call Nota Baloyi into order.


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