Singer Nomfundo Moh shares struggle with anxiety after completing album

Singer Nomfundo Moh has let her fans in on what has been going through her mind these past few days.

Taking to her Facebook timeline, the Soft Life songstress opened up about how she was feeling, but she has since deleted her posts.

“The anxiety that comes after completing an album? I usually feel like someone died. I don’t know, but it seem as if it’s something we never talk about. Or am I the only one facing this? Fellow artists, how’s your experience?” she posted.

In a separate post she said the anxiety had nothing to do with wanting to have a hit song but more to do with how she felt after she poured her soul into the project and was left empty. She said artists should normalise going to therapy.

The singer explained to TshisaLIVE when she burst onto the scene that she took time to perfect her sound and that made her a fan favourite, setting her apart from the rest.

“I’m more interested in creating melodies from the head, starting from scratch and allowing more sounds to be created from that. This technique helps me get sound I desire, that I can personally feel comfortable in, hence my songwriting becomes much easier.

“The unique sound compliments my vocals and the lyrical content and I believe that sets me apart. I do my own thing and I write whenever I get a chance, and share some of my raw ideas with my MohFam for approval before I go ahead with recording.”

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