“No Wife” number plate leaves social media in awe!

Social media users in South Africa can’t stop laughing after spotting a McLaren driver with an amusing licence plate. With the “no wife” number plate, the owner of the posh vehicle made sure the ladies knew he was single.

Hundreds of social media users flocked to the comment area to discuss the number plate and what they would choose if they owned the car as images of the number plate spread throughout the internet.

We see something new — and hilarious — every day online. Funny videos and pictures flood our pages and leave us highly entertained.

The latest post that has left social media users buzzing is the number plate of a McLaren.

In the photo that was shared on Facebook by Bw Car Culture, it interestingly reads “no wife”.

Take a look at the post below:

The post left many Facebookers in absolute stitches and received over 40 thousand likes and thousands of comments. Many of them flocked to the comment section to discuss the wealthy driver’s decision.

Others shared what they would make theirs if they had the same kind of money.

Here are some of their comments:

“Mine will be NO DEGREE GP,” wrote one Facebooker after one person actually had “no degree” on his.

Another hilariously wrote, “That’s the only reason he can still afford that car.”

While one said, “Don’t be slow guys.. This is just a translation of the owner’s surname to Xhosa which is Nomfazi.”

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