Nadia Nakai Opens Up A Year After AKA’s Passing

Opens Up A Year After AKA’s Passing

Nadia Nakai is sharing the deep sadness and overwhelming grief she experienced nearly a year after the sudden death of her rapper boyfriend, Kiernan “AKA” Forbes. In a heartfelt tribute to Sowetan, Nakai, whose real name is Nadia Nakai Kandava, describes the past year as the most challenging period of her life. She found support in Bianca Naidoo, the widow of late rapper Riky Rick.

Affectionately known as Supa Mega, AKA was fatally shot on February 10 last year at Florida Road in Durban, just two hours before midnight. He was 35 years old.

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“This grieving process is quite new to me,” Nakai shared. “Kiernan was the first close person I’ve ever lost… his funeral was the first I’ve ever been to.”

Nakai leaned on Bianca Naidoo, who understood the pain of losing a loved one who was a superstar, having experienced a similar loss with Riky Rick a year before AKA’s passing. Sharing her feelings with Bianca proved to be a significant source of comfort.

While grappling with grief in the public eye was challenging, Nakai acknowledged the overwhelming support and love from fans as crucial to her healing journey.

Christmas marked one of the loneliest days for Nakai. “Life has been tough the past couple of months, especially this past Christmas because I spent it alone,” she revealed. “The one before was beautiful; we had a blended family. New Year’s was also difficult because the one before, I was with Kiernan on the road… I mean, there are so many memories. But December to March is the hardest period of my life at the moment.”

To channel her pain, Nakai turned to music as part of her healing journey. Just a month after AKA’s passing, she entered the studio and penned her emotions, a therapeutic process she learned from AKA himself. This led to the creation of the AKA tribute song, “Never Leave,” set to drop this Friday, coinciding with what would have been AKA’s 36th birthday on Sunday.

Choosing to collaborate with Kash CPT, a talented artist from Cape Town like AKA, Nakai expressed the plea in the song that AKA never leaves. The lyrics reflect her prayers and spiritual conversations with him.

Nakai plans to release two music projects, with one serving as a personal tribute to her “forever love.” Initially, she had no intention of releasing a project but sought a therapeutic outlet similar to AKA’s way of coping through music.

Expressing gratitude to AKA’s mother Lynn and DJ Zinhle, the mother of AKA’s daughter Kairo, Nakai acknowledged their incredible support. Lynn’s ability to put aside her own pain and the family’s acceptance of Nakai’s relationship with Kairo has made her feel profoundly supported.

Reflecting on AKA’s personality, Nakai appreciated his tough exterior, which he reserved for the world, contrasting it with the softness he shared with her. The privilege of experiencing his vulnerability is a cherished memory she will forever hold.

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