Nadia Nakai shades Cassper Nyovest

Nadia Nakai has recently been making headlines. However, it is not for her music or fashion merchandise. However, it all has to do with her mourning her boyfriend and almost fiance Kiernan “AKA” Forbes. Forbes who was assassinated back in February 2023 after being gunned down outside of a restaurant in Durban.

During the week of AKA’s memorial and funeral services, Nadia has kept a low profile and did not post anything on social media. However, as the formalities of laying the rapper to rest, Nadia began to mourn publicly sharing touching, emotional, and some private moments she had with AKA before he took his final breath.

However, it seems that in reflecting on how long it took for them to finally date, Nadia has let out some shade towards AKA’s arc-nemesis and fellow rapper Cassper Nyovest.

“Ladies, don’t let feuds fuel your fire” – Nadia Nakai

It could be argued that Nadia Nakai got respect as a rapper when she was co-signed and actually signed by rapper Cassper Nyovest to his then-fledgling record label Family Tree. This is as with Cassper, Nadia was able to release one of her biggest hits to date Naa Mean.

However, with the decline in Cassper’s record label with Tshego leaving then shading the record label and its CEO. Nadia was officially the last signee to leave the record label. At the time of her departure, she then went on to feature on the last season of The Braai Show hosted by AKA before Cassper took over the reins.

At the time, fans and Hip-Hop lovers believed that Nadia was drawing a line in the sand and making her allegiances clear. Hence, there was the belief that Nadia and Cassper were subsequently shading each other through Twitter. But at the time, the two suggested that there was no bad blood between them.

However, taking Nadia’s recent tweet into consideration, it seems that Nadia has returned to shading Cassper on social media. This is as it seems that she believes that if she was not caught up in the feud between Cassper and AKA, that they could have dated for longer than they had..


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