Msaki share details of final performance

MUSICIAN Msaki has broken her fans’ hearts, again.

She has officially shared the list of her last performances as she’ll be taking a break from music.

Her team shared it on her social media platforms, and she has a few more performances before officially taking a break.

She’ll be performing around Mzansi in Makhanda, Joburg, Cape Town, and outside of the country in Texas and London.

“You asked for it Msaki’s Final gig guide. More details loading about individual events next week.

2 more dates TBC,” they wrote.

Fans asked that they open more slots for people to book, but her team said it was impossible.

“Fam unfortunately, other than the two more dates we are announcing next week, we can’t create or accept more dates. These had already been locked in and Msaki is honouring those,” they wrote.

Msaki had been tweeting about taking a break from November 2022, but she made it official two weeks back when she tweeted saying goodbye.

A few days later, she released a formal statement asking that people give her space.

“I just wanna thank everyone for this incredible outpouring of love and support. I wanna thank my days 1’s that are still with me that bought my first album in advance and gave me my independence. Please also understand why I have to leave this space,” she wrote.

“Please release me. I may seem weak because I let this get to me. But I am sensitive, and sentimental, an empath (this is my most valuable creativity tool), my skin is not thick… it is porous so I feel the changes in the breeze. I’m moved quickly and deeply and I understand this may be abnormal. I don’t expect everyone to understand, but I know some of you get it,” she continued.

Msaki’s break was inspired by news reports that she had an affair with radio and TV presenter, Smash Afrika and broke his marriage.

However, she went to controversial podcast, Podcast with MacG to set the record straight.

She told MacG that she was with Smash after he had separated from his wife

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