Moses Tembe – Stop accusing me of AKA’s death

Moses Tembe, the father of AKA’s late fiancé Anele Tembe has requested all of those who are accusing him of being involved in the death of AKA to stop as it opens old wounds of his daughter’s death.

Tembe who is a Durban tycoon said while he valued the principle of freedom of speech but these cruel and libelous utterances inflict personal and emotional harm on him and his family.

“It is with great concern that my family and I had to endure a flurry of posts on various social media platforms that accuse me and members of my family of being involved in the death of Kiernan ‘AKA’ Forbes.

“These accusations are untrue and without substance. I categorically state that my family feels the pain of the Forbes and would never be involved in an abhorrent act of this nature” he said.

Tembe said after having to deal with the tragedy of the untimely passing of their daughter Anele Tembe, this senseless crime has taken a further emotional toll on them.

“I respectfully request the individuals making their baseless statements to refrain from doing so,” he said.

AKA whose real name is Kiernan Forbes was shot dead at Wish restaurant on Florida road in Durban with his friend on 10 February.

After AKA’s death, some people used social media to accuse Moses Tembe of being involved in the killing, accusing him to pay revenge for his daughter’s death.

When AKA’s fiancé Anele Tembe committed suicide in 2021 some people were also accusing AKA to be involved in her death but the National Prosecuting Authority has recently confirmed that they are not prosecuting Anele’s murder case.

Other people, they were claiming that Moses Tembe was still holding grudges against AKA and waited for him to come to Durban and paid the revenge but Tembe distanced himself and said people who know him know that he will never do that and he pains for AKA’s family

AKA will be laid to rest in a private provincial funeral on Saturday, 18 February.


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