Moonchild Sanelly promotes s*x workers

Moonchild Sanelly says she is working on a film that aims at protecting s*x workers.

The singer made the revelation following Micheal “Mr Smeg” Bucwa’s claim about the entertainment industry and prostitution.

“The South African entertainment industry promotes and glorifies female promiscuity and prostitution.”

Moonchild Sanelly2

Moonchild says prostitution is work and she’s producing a film that will aid the work to become legal in South Africa.

“prostitution is work! Not this derogatory term u attach it to to belittle women! Sex work is work! Y’all be talking out ur asses to seem cool to most ignorant minds #stupid I’m executive producing a film aimed at protecting sex workers rights & legalising S.E.X WORK! In SA,” she tweeted.

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