Mawhoo Opens Up About Her Romantic Life!

Amapiano sensation Nontobeko Thandeka Ngema, widely known as “Mawhoo,” has become a hot topic across social media platforms following her candid revelations about her romantic life during an interview on the L-Tido podcast.

In the interview, Mawhoo addressed her past relationship with businessman Hlubi Nkosi, clarifying that they dated for only two years after Nkosi’s breakup with his former partner, singer Londie London.

Mawhoo claimed that Nkosi still harbors feelings for her, asserting that he continues to reach out to her through direct messages and even employs intermediaries to persuade her.

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She disclosed, “The man loved me so much. He is still in my DMs. He’s still paying people to beg me.”

Mawhoo further alleged that Nkosi had expressed an obsession with her, citing conversations he had with her sister where he purportedly admitted to being infatuated with both Mawhoo and Londie London.

However, Mawhoo’s revelations didn’t stop there. She also asserted that prominent American rappers Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, and Rick Ross had contacted her via direct messages, claiming that their intentions were not related to business.

Following her statements, a wave of skepticism flooded social media, with many users questioning the authenticity of Mawhoo’s claims regarding the private messages from the American rap icons.

In response to the skepticism, Mawhoo took to her Instagram stories to share what she purported to be a screenshot of a message exchange with Lil Wayne, challenging her doubters with the caption, “Y’all think I’m lying?”

The controversy surrounding Mawhoo’s revelations has sparked intense debate and divided opinions among her fans and followers. While some have expressed support for her openness and authenticity, others remain skeptical and demand concrete evidence to substantiate her claims.

As Mawhoo’s revelations continue to stir conversation and speculation online, the amapiano star remains at the center of attention, navigating the complexities of fame and personal relationships in the digital age.

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