Man sentenced to life for r@ping his 12-year-old stepdaughter

A STEPFATHER (36) has been sentenced to life imprisonment by the Schweizer Reneke Regional Court on Tuesday, 21 February for raping his stepdaughter (12). He was also sented to a further five years for kidnapping.

His name will be recorded in the register of s.e.xual offenders and the court further declared him unfit to possess a firearm.

According to the court, the man’s conviction follows an incident that happened in December 2017 in Ipelegeng township, where he took the then 12-year-old victim and her sibling (3) to the kraal, just outside the area without their mother’s consent.

North West National Prosecution Authority (NPA) spokesman Henry Mamothame said according to the information, upon arrival at the kraal, the younger sibling was asleep and the stepfather took his jersey off and let her sleep on it.

“He subsequently ordered the 12-year-old to undress, but she refused and attempted to escape. The stepfather caught up with her and moved her to a different location within the kraal and r@ped her. At the time of the r@pe, the three-year-old was awake, and observed her sister’s suffering.”

“The siblings were let go and when they arrived home, the younger sister told the grandmother what happened while her sister was crying hysterically. She was, however, also able to corroborate what her sibling told the grandmother. At that point, their mother was out looking for them and when she came back home, the grandmother told her what happened and she confronted the stepdad,” Mamothame said.

When the stepfather, who denied ever r@ping the child was asked to accompany them to the hospital for the girl to receive a medical checkup, he immediately fled.

The matter was reported to the police and the suspect was arrested two weeks later, and the court denied him bail.

In aggravation of the sentence, state prosecutor Mpho Sephapo urged the court not to deviate from the minimum prescribed sentence of life imprisonment. He argued that the accused abused the trust the victim had in him as a father figure and that his action was not about sex, but showing his power over a defenseless child.

The Director of Public Prosecutions in the North West, Dr Rachel Makhari, praised the police and the prosecution for a collaboration that led to the conviction.

-Daily Sun


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