Man choked to death during police raid in Diepkloof

A MAN was choked to death during a raid at Diepkloof Zone 4 on Friday night.

The Gauteng SAPS spokeswoman, Colonel Dimakatso Sello confirmed confirmed that the man was certified dead by paramedics on the scene following a drug raid operation that was conducted.

“It is reported that the man collapsed while police were searching his house. The cause of death is unknown at this stage pending autopsy results,” said Sello.

The mother of the deceased alleged that her 34-year-old was choked by police officers during the raid.

“I stepped out of the house immediately when the police arrived because I’m used to this, I know them. This wasn’t the first time invading our home,” said mom.

She revealed that on one of their unpleasant visits in their home, they choked both of them using a plastic.

“I thought they would do whatever they do and leave, but, I saw an ambulance arriving at the house and when I asked what was going on, I was told that there’s a crime scene,” said mom.

The house was then cordoned off.


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