WATCH – Gossiper Musa Khawula drags bedridden Mampintsha

Even after Mampintsha‘s family has asked for privacy following his abrupt hospitalization after falling ill. Social media and now YouTuber gossiper Musa Khawula is sparing Mampintsha no mercy during this trying time.

What has tweeps in complete shock is how the statement clearly stated that the family is asking for support and privacy during this trying time. However, Musa Khawula is definitely not the one to be told what to do. As he lambasts Mampintsha on his latest YouTube channel, when talking about Busiswa and Babes Wodumo.

“Anyway, Busiswa is saying Babses Woduma is going through personal crisis and whatnot, of which we all know since she got married or since she got affiliated with that fat ass Mampintsha her career just took a downward spiral and it is so bad (OMG). You know Babes Wodumo she is supposed to be big right right now, actually she is supposed to better than Kamo Mphela but Kamo Mphela came in and took her spot” said Musa Khawula

Musa Khawula went on to take a jab to another entertainment commentator Phil Mphela, where he is claiming that just as Kamo Mphela took Babes Wodumo’s spot in the industry. Even he came and take Phila Mphela’s spot in the entertainment commentary space.

like how I took Phil Mphela’s spot. You know, it is what it is. Kamo Mphela is the big deal doing the things and I think Babes Wodumo wishes her career would be doing… and we loved Babes Wodumo” added Musa Khawula

Social media as a whole is currently on stand still following Mampintsha being hospitalized after he suffered a stroke coming from a performance. Even Aftrotainment has issued a statement, explaining Mampintsha’s current situation even a little further and what exactly transpired, leading to being hospitalized.

“The star as he is affectionately know as Mampintsha, from multi-award winning group Big Nuz has suffered a minor stroke a week ago upon his return from a performance with Big Nuz. He is currently in hospital receiving medical attention and is under doctor’s observations” read the statement

Tweeps are just taken by the complete disrespect from Musa Khawula who has clearly shown little to none compassion and respect to Mampintsha’s family.

“Mampintsha roasted by Musa Khawula despite the fact that family asked for privacy & prayers after Big Nuz group member suffered a stroke. Also bragged about taking Phil Mphela’s spot the same way Kamo Mphela did with Babes” wrote This is Colbert

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