Malema calls for more scrutiny on role of National Treasury

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema has called for more scrutiny on the role of the National Treasury.

He was speaking to guests at the red berets’ 10th-anniversary gala dinner, held in Boksburg on Thursday night.

Malema decried that more money was spent servicing South Africa’s loans, as opposed to education or health.

He reflected on the country’s finances at the time his party launched versus now, criticizing the growing unemployment rate, inflation, and deterioration of government finances.

Malema, who called for a lifestyle audit on officials at Treasury, said those in charge of the country’s fiscus are being celebrated for the wrong reasons.


“It is also a clear indication that the much-celebrated National Treasury is not celebrated for managing our finances properly,” he bemoaned.

“It is celebrated for insisting on neoliberal policies, even when there is imperial evidence that these policies are doing more damage than good, particularly for businesses.”

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