LOL! – Makhadzi breaks English into pieces

Mzansi star Makhadzi is considered the Queen of Bolobedu Music. A fact that the star has asserted through how much she has been booked and busy. So much so that in recent months she has faced accusations of being a no-show at some of the gigs that she has been booked for.

Moreover, the Haka Matorokisi hitmaker made headlines for the better part of 2022 and 2023 for her on-and-off again relationship with producer DJ Master KG. While 2022 was all about music for Makhadzi, this year, it seems that currently, she has slowed her pace.

As such, it seems she has time to be on social media. However, it seems that her English bundles do have the same bandwidth to last as long as she does on social media.

Makhadzi is a TshiVenda-speaking native due to being born and bred in Limpopo. As such, even after her rise to fame, for the most part she has conducted most of her interviews in her native language in order to allow her to be comfortable enough to get a relatable interview.

However, every now and then, Makhadzi does attempt to speak and write in full English sentences. But that does not always yield the type of results that it should have. This is as it usually leads to mockery and jabs for her lack of comprehension of the language.

As such, her recent tweet received the same attention. This is as Makhadzi took to Twitter to address Michael “Mr Smeg” Bucwa, who is notorious for asking ZAlebs to go to lunch with him. This time he asked Makhadzi. But tweeps got a good laugh when Makhadzi replied in English which left many wondering, “What is she actually saying?”

Therefore, it is no surprise that most of the comments were telling Makhadzi that she must stick to writing and speaking in her native language. Those that do not understand will have to read the translation or the comments section to get an understanding of what she wrote or said.

However, what the message did affirm is the fact that Makhadzi is still very much single. This is despite the rumours that she did get back together with Master KG following their recent split. As reported:

One thing about celebrity relationships is that sometimes they teach us to mind our own business. Limpopo’s finest Makhadzi and Master KG, sparked breakup rumors in December, but it appears there is more than meets the eye in the story.

Both of them seem to be playing tricks on us. This comes after the Jerusalema hitmaker announced a lineup for his birthday bash recently, where he had excluded Makhadzi and his fans were fuming.

A couple of days later, Master KG announced that the birthday celebration would be hosted by “his queen” referring to Makhadzi. His remarks raised eyebrows as the couple broke up in December.



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