MacG Claims Tyla Is Not Talented

MacG Claims Tyla Is Not Talented

On the recent episode of Podcast and Chill with MacG, the hosts delved into Tyla’s groundbreaking win at the 66th Grammys, where she clinched the inaugural Best African Music Performance award, triumphing over renowned artists like Davido, Musa Keys, and Ayra Starr.

While acknowledging the commendable efforts of Tyla’s team in shaping her career, MacG, Sol Phenduka, and the Ghost Lady found themselves at odds when MacG expressed his belief that Tyla lacked talent, which cast a somber tone over the discussion.

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In contrast, Sol Phenduka voiced his disagreement, citing Tyla’s recent release, Truth or Dare, as evidence of her talent.

Emphasizing his viewpoint, MacG proposed that Tyla’s team could achieve even greater success by collaborating with a gifted vocalist like Msaki.

Various opinions surfaced in response to MacG’s stance. @SciTheComedist suggested that while Water may not have been among the top 10 songs in South Africa, its popularity was propelled by its accompanying dance, which Tyla’s team effectively capitalized on.

@siya_mtsweni characterized MacG as straightforward, appreciating his unfiltered honesty.

@MpeshWP criticized MacG, branding him as a consistent detractor, while @Nkosiyaphila1 clarified that MacG’s remarks were misconstrued; he was merely suggesting that Tyla’s management could elevate other talented artists similarly if given the opportunity. He wasn’t questioning Tyla’s talent per se.

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