L’vovo opens up about his health condition

Thokozani ‘L’vovo Derrango’ Ndlovu speaks about his health condition after suffering a stroke during a stage performance.

It was a rough 2022 for Derrango as he landed in the hospital months after surviving a car accident.

The South African musician said he’s not been eating and resting well, but the death of his friend, Mampintsha triggered him, as he heard of the news shortly before performing on stage.

“I performed but got the attack before my second last song. I couldn’t feel my left side and I asked them If I could rest for a bit.”

Speaking about his health, the singer said:

“I have high blood pressure and I have not been taking my medication the way I was supposed to.”

Lvovo plans to cater for himself and eat well.

“I know now not to rush to have too many gigs. I live better and take care of myself, especially with my condition. They gave me directions to avoid salty foods and a lot of meat. I was told which fruits to eat and what to avoid and obviously less alcohol.”

Thokozani spoke about his last visit to the late Gqom star.

“I went to go see him in the hospital on Thursday night. He was not okay, we believed that he would recover.”

“I speak to Danger every day. So, I spoke to him during the funeral. Mampintsha knows that I would have loved to be at his funeral. But due to my condition, I watched it from the hospital. But I will visit his grave after I have fully recovered.”

“When I went to perform on Friday, after being with him on Thursday made me feel weak,” he further revealed.

Lvovo has been discharged from the hospital and he is currently at home recovering.

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