Ex-Generations actor Luthuli Dlamini hits rock-bottom, now sleeps at his producer’s house

Legendary actor Luthuli Dlamini allegedly won’t leave a producer’s production house due to not being paid. The former Generations actor is also rumored to be in a bad financial state.

In an attempt to fast-track what is owed to him to be paid timeously, veteran actor Luthuli Dlamini is rumored to have occupied his producer’s production house in Observatory, Johannesburg. According to Zimoja Lezinto, Luthuli Dlamini won’t leave the offices until he is paid for his role in Empty Love, even though the series never made it to the small screens.


Luthuli Dlamini was working on a drama series that never made it to television due to financial difficulties. Dlamini was playing a lead character and now demands his payment.

“Legendary actor Luthuli Dlamini is allegedly refusing to vacate the house of a TV producer in Observatory Johannesburg after he failed to pay him. Dlamini was a lead character in a drama series that was shot last year but never made it to the small screen. Its reported that Dlamini is currently jobless and going through a hard time” wrote Zimoja Lezinto

It is reported that Luthuli Dlamini was working a series last year with television producer, Mercier Bangala . Due to financial difficulties, the series ended up not making it to the small screens. The rest of the cast member has since quit the show because of non-payment. However, Luthuli Dlamini who was working as a lead won’t vacate the producer’s television house until he is paid.

“Bangala gave Dlamini a lead role in a drama series named Empty Love which was supposed to be shot for one month, but they ended up shooting it for three months. Some of the cast members quit the show because of payments,” said the publication

It is also reported that while working on Empty Love last year September, Luthuli Dlamini turned down a number of gigs to prioritize this one. In return, he has been paid in dust, hence he has taken to the producer’s office in a bid to fast-track the payments.

It is alleged that the producer owes Luthuli Dlamini R150 000 for his lead role on the series, Empty Love, even though it never made it to the small screens.


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