Khanyi Mbau Defends Abusive Men

Khanyi Mbau Defends Abusive Men

Johannesburg | Khanyi Mbau attributes men’s aggressive behaviour to women. Men who abuse women have legitimate motives, according to Khanyi Mbau.

Speaking on a programme called Mzansi Highlights, the actress discussed gender-based violence and disclosed that she had been in an abusive relationship, but she left because of the benefits she received.

According to Khanyi, some of these males who mistreat their relationships do so under duress or because the women are ignorant of their roles. Many people responded to the video, most of them expressed disappointment in the actress.

“This is true though, anger mostly comes from frustration and having a partner that doesn’t understand and always wants and wants and wants does result in such acts, it’s wrong but frustration and stress breeds anger,” a tweep wrote in agreement to Khanyi’s statement. Being a GBV apologist as a South African woman is mind boggling,” another tweep wrote.

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Women do not create pressure. They feel pressure from other males, the workplace, society, and their own expectations of them.

A tweep responded, “And men take it out on their spouses because all of this takes a hit on their ego.”

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