Kgosientsho Ramokgopa reveals plan to end load shedding!

The Minister of Kgosientso Ramokgopa said the government confirmed R30 billion for the procurement of diesel at Eskom.
Ramokgopa gave an update on various interventions to address load shedding at the African National Congress (ANC) national executive committee meeting in Boksburg on Saturday, 22 April.

He said the struggling state-owned power utility is conducting its planned maintenance ahead of the winter season.

He said they only need three units to be offline.

Ramokgopa said they need to continue improving the Energy Availability Factor (EAF) of coal-powered stations.

“Eskom ramped planned capability factor, we’ve been aggressive doing this ahead of winter. Only three units will be out now for maintenance.”

“Eskom will reduce the rate at which they take out units. We have identified certain power stations we will bring on board the private sector to improve their efficiency,” he said.

He further said they are focusing on the winter period.

He said 0-6 months is the immediate intervention, and the next being 6-18 months.

Ramokgopa said they also proposed four interventions needed to run the Gas Turbines.

He said they also need to have diesel available to run these turbines.

He added that they need to address the logistics issues of diesel, the NEC has had an overall technical discussion, and they must exploit these open gas cycle turbines.

Ramokgopa said in another effort to ease load shedding, they are in discussions with Mozambique to get an additional 1000 Megawatts.

Once agreements are signed, Eskom should have additional power on the grid.

Ramokgopa also assured that they plan to find a way to exempt most of the national key points from the power cuts.

He said they will come up with an emergency solution to ensure these key points are not


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