Actor Kay Sibiya accused of rape

Imbewu: The Seed Actor Nkululeko ‘Kay Sibiya’ accused of rape. Imbewu’s resident heartthrob, Kay Sibiya, is facing severe heat after being hit with some pretty damning rape allegations. It looks like things went from PG to R-rated after former radio personality, Zukiswa ‘Zookey Zarling’ Vutela took to Facebook to spill the tea

Zookey Zarling didn’t hold back in her latest Facebook post, giving us a juicy tell-all about an alleged rape. According to her explosive rant, not only did Sibiya supposedly drug and rape her, but he was also apparently supposed to take her out – talk about a plot twist!

This is my story and the truth about my daughter Zia-Mia how I was raped, then she was conceived, then someone claimed otherwise and my other two kids…Telling it myself, I’ve been quiet about it for the longest time; How he was sent to kill me first. He drugged and raped me, then when I woke up, found an expired condom inside me. So now I do not care even if they try again to kill me when I tell my story – Pastors/Drug lords and some. Today I tell it as rough it is about Khumbulani Kay Sibiya,” wrote Zookey ZarlingZookey Zarling

It looks like former radio personality-turned-isangoma Zookey Zarling is making lemonade from some pretty sour lemons! Despite the less-than-ideal circumstances surrounding the conception of her daughter, she’s found a way to make peace with the traumatic situation. On the other hand, it seems like Kay Sibiya is still busy playing dodgeball without any responsibility, leaving Zookey to handle things solo.

My First Book: The Soil that Bears my roots, was approved for School Libraries in KZN by the then MEC of Education in KZN, Professor NdabaNdaba and spoke about my first rape and other attempts. P.p.s every rape victim will tell you the demon follows you twice or thrice until you cleanse it. P.p.p.s. this is not an expose,” wrote Zookey Zarling

Zookey Zarling is not one to stay quiet, and she’s pleading for her teenage daughter to be treated with the utmost respect, despite the not-so-ideal circumstances of her conception. In her latest outburst, she clarified that she and Kay Sibiya were never hitched, and since the birth of her little one, she’s never once denied Sibiya the opportunity to take a paternity test.

But a plea for my child to grow with the dignity she deserves, not in the shadow of a man that keeps destroying her name and dignity. P p.p.p.s Zia is Arabic for God’s splendour Mia is Hebrew for light and Italian for Mine (Wami!) So asiyekwe. Children are a blessing from God. This Khumbulani guy must not make my daughter a shadow of his darkness or his perfect son. She is the light that she is. Inspite how she was born” wrote Zookey Zarlings


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