Jub Jub sucked into the Lady Zamar saga!

Mzansi has had a lot to think about after artist Lady Zamar spoke up about cyberbullying in a long post in which she asked Twitter fans whether they wanted her to terminate her life.

The singer has received flak on social media after accusing her ex-boyfriend Sjava of s.e.xually abusing her.

One social media user has pulled former Uyajola 99 anchor Jub Jub into the controversy in an attempt to defend the musician.

Almost everyone in South Africa has been talking about Lady Zamar and her fight to put an end to cyberbullying.

The singer begged people to leave her alone after she continually faced backlash from fans of local musician Sjava who she accused of rape a few years ago.

“Do you want me to kill myself, do you want me to die, be murdered, go to jail to make you guys happy… do you guys want me to stop making music or publicly cry so you can see how I actually feel about what happened to me?” she partly wrote in a lengthy tweet.

The tweet has gone viral on social media and has left many discussing “cancel culture”.

Taking to Twitter, one app user pointed out how media personality Jub Jub continues to garner online support despite the fact that he was also accused of rape and is a former convict.

“Jub Jub is a murderer, and a rapists Yet he gets to work on national tv while many call out Lady Zamar to be cancelled for accusing Sjava of rape He killed children while under drugs influence yet We South Africans forgave him but Lady Zamar must Kill herself to be forgiven,” wrote the app user.

While some agreed that Lady Zamar deserves a break, not everyone thinks so.

“Jub jub served his time. Made a huge public apology and even made a track that made money for those families to show his remorse.

Lastly even that one rape is false accusations, no evidence,” one person wrote in defence of Jub Jub.

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