John Steenhuisen: DA aims to keep ANC out of power, while avoiding EFF-ANC coalition

John Steenhuisen declared the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) and its leader Julius Malema as enemy number one.

Steenhuisen, who was re-elected as the Democratic Alliance’s (DA’s) Federal Leader at the party’s congress earlier on Sunday, said the EFF was a threat to democracy.

In his acceptance speech, he urged DA supporters to ensure the party got a decisive victory in the 2024 elections.

Steenhuisen said for the DA to govern effectively, it would need to ensure the African National Congress (ANC) was also kept out of power, while guaranteeing that an EFF-ANC coalition was avoided at all costs.

“Show them that only the DA is fighting to keep the EFF out. That way, voters don’t only have to believe what we say, they only have to through their own eyes see that when people vote DA and give us outright majorities, life gets better.”


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