Interesting Times Ahead! Dineo Hosts Pastor, Adult Content Creator On Her Podcast!

Dineo Ranaka did not waste any of her time when she was laid off from Kaya FM as she quickly joined the Podcast & Chill platform bringing her own show.

Ranaka made headlines recently when she opened up about her battle with depression and attempt at committing suicide. She also reportedly ‘escaped’ from a mental health hospital she had been booked in.

Right now, after asking fans not to ‘feel sorry’ for her following her sacking, she decided to host a diverse group of individuals for her debut episode on her own show S*x & Stuff.

Her show will be broadcast every Tuesday at 3 pm on YouTube and Spotify.

Dineo Ranaka shared the list of guests for her debut show on her Instagram page. An adult film celebrity, a gynaecologist, and a pastor will all appear in the pilot episode. Along with renowned gynaecologist Dr. Mpume Zenda and Pastor Nevile, Dark Berry, a YouTuber and producer of adult content, will be a guest. Duduzile M Methula, the Content Producer of Podcast and Chill, will produce the first episode.

The inaugural edition of “Dineo On S*x’ n Stuff,” which had a broad cast of guests, did not have a specific topic of discussion, but Dineo Ranaka did not reveal it either.

Expressing her gratitude on her Instagram stories, Dineo thanked each of her guests and expressed her desire to have them return as guests on future episodes of her podcast.

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