In the aftermath of cruel body-shaming attacks, fans rally behind Minnie Dlamini

Minnie Dlamini, a South African media personality, can’t seem to get a break on social media.

Minnie Dlamini was trolled and body-shamed on Twitter after she posted her photos on the TL. She was wearing a lovely short yellow gown in the photos.

She captioned the photos as follows:

“Yellow Mellow.”

Instead of complimenting her, critics rained on her parade. Tweeps took to the comment section to body-shame and mock her. Netizens argued that Minnie Dlamini used to be a baddie and one of the hottest women in Mzansi but now she looks average and no longer exudes the beauty she used to have.

Minnie Dlamini’s fans, on the other hand, defended her against trolls. Fans rallied behind her, slamming those who were dragging her down and proclaiming that she is a beautiful woman. Tweeps argued that she has a nice body for someone who has a child. They praised her for keeping her shape after giving birth.

Take a look at some of the reactions;

….So people call this ugly ? Y’all be fuckin’ kidding me. Minnie Dlamini is a beautiful woman. She looks incredible still. Anisazi nizothini ke manje. Drag Eskom and the ANC and leave Minnie alone.

We all age believe it or not. Minnie is 33, obviously she won’t look like a 20 year old. She looks like her age. Aging is a blessing actually, some people die before 30. Funny that you guys think you wont age

Seeing these comments breaks my heart into a million pieces. Why are you guys so mean? Minnie beautiful. There is nothing wrong with these pictures.

Celebrities are also human, let’s be considerate, Minnie doesn’t owe you “beauty”, leave her alone. She is a mother, sister, daughter to someone, cyberbulling doesn’t just affect her but her family too and her businesses coz she’s in the beauty industry.

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