Heartbroken Sni Mhlongo picking up the pieces after being cheated on by Zamani Mbatha

Snikiwe “Sni” Mhlongo, South African actor Zamani Mbatha’s ex-girlfriend, is trying to come to terms with Zamani’s betrayal after he allegedly cheated on her with another girl.

of the sclump of the sclump of the slapping of the slapping of the slapping of the sizing of the sizing of the . She shared a heartbreaking Instagram story in which she hinted at her impending death.

As she reflected on the previous days, she stated that she was still trying to pick up the pieces and thanked everyone for their love and kind messages since she revealed Zamani’s cheating.

“I’m d*ing. I don’t know how to be better and start showing up again. But this is me trying. Thank you for all the love and kindness you’re sending. I really do need it and receive it. Thank you. Here’s to picking up the pieces,” she wrote.

A couple of days ago, Sni took to Instagram to expose Zamaniu’s cheating ways and sis came with jaw-dropping receipts.

She shared a video allegedly showing Zamani in bed with another girl. She tagged him with the caption: “Damn, been dating a cheater this whole time.

Snimhlongo accuses her boyfriend Zamani Mbatha of cheating on her after finding her in bed with another girl . pic.twitter.com/ND3yzvR3mT

— sanelenkosi (@sanelenkosix) March 1, 2023

According to Sni, they had been dating for six years. The pair kept their relationship on the down low and rarely posted on social media about one another as according to Zamani, the relationship did not align with his brand.

“Being single, being a bachelor, a man crush, it’s my brand. We can’t post each other” lol weh

— king of the garden (@snimhlongo) March 1, 2023

While social media users suggested that Sni had forgiven Mbatha. This follows after a video of Mbatha seemingly apologizing to her made the rounds on social media.

Sni Mhlongo apologising to Zamani Mbatha for catching him cheating
– Snikiwe Mhlongo pic.twitter.com/0lshzdDjaZ

— MUDLI WAKOTINI❁ (@siphosami_sa) March 3, 2023

Sni denied the claims and said she would never take him back.

Why is Sni still letting him explain? Yoh hayke sana pic.twitter.com/ofpzLTsXyr

— Miss J (@buhlejiyana_) March 3, 2023

Source | ZAlebs

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