“He was a very challenging individual,” Sho Madjozi on AKA

“He was a very challenging individual,” Sho Madjozi on AKA

Musician Sho Madjozi from South Africa claimed that working with AKA was really challenging. Even though AKA passed away in Durban a year ago, his loss is still felt throughout South Africa.

Given that they were the same age, it appeared that Zahara’s passing caused the AKA wounds to open. AKA was a multi-award winning hip-hop musician from South Africa, perhaps the greatest in the business.

Numerous admirers and celebrities mentioned how excellent a musician and person he was when he passed away.

Indeed, it’s not the same as what Sho Madjozi found after working with AKA.

AKA’s mother shared Sho Madjozi’s video from an interview where she spoke about working with AKA.

During his days, AKA was well known for his hard work, and his music showed it.

Despite losing his life at a younger age, he had many hit songs that left many fans, putting him among the best South African musicians ever.

Conversely, Sho Madjozi was an upcoming Limpopo youngster who needed the guidance of top stars.

She was lucky to have AKA mentoring her for a few sessions, but she did not find him easy to work with.

Probably, what AKA did was all in trying to put the young Sho Madjozi into the right direction of hatred work.


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As we remember, AKA with Sho Madjozi saying he was demanding, Mzansi found themselves in tears again.

The news broke out that Zahara was hospitalised, and within a few days, she lost her life.

Many fans and celebrities shared their tributes, but Murdah Bongz seemed genuine and honest.

Murdah said he regretted not showing Zahara love when she was alive.

He also said he was ashamed that he did not meet her when she was alive but was her big fan.

“Although I never got to meet you, I was your fan.I can’t help but feel bad that we didn’t do better in showing you love. Rest well Zahara.💔🕊️”

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