Sangoma Gogo Maweni set to take legal action against SK Khoza over child support

Gogo Maweni is set to go legal against her ex-lover SK Khoza over child support fee. The sangoma and actor’s erstwhile union birthed a child, but it SK has allegedly refused to pay paapgeld.

Speaking to Zimoja, Gogo says since he has finally secured acting gigs, he should take responsibility.Gogo-Maweni5

“I have money. I have three houses and cars and herbal stores, all bought in cash. I can afford my lifestyle. That doesn’t mean he shouldn’t pay child support.”

Maweni has no plan to use charm against him despite being rumored to have fingered SK’s life with her traditional charms.SK Khoza

“He’s got a job now, he must pay … I don’t need to queue up at maintenance court anymore. I can afford my lawyer, so I’ll deal with him legally. I don’t need to use muthi on him either, the law must take its course to make sure that he plays his part as a parent.”


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