Gabriel Temudzani aka Chief Azwindini quits Muvhango

On May 8th, viewers of the SABC2 soap opera Muvhango will say goodbye to one of its most iconic characters, Chief Azwindini Mukwevho, after 23 years on the show. This follows a shocking scene in which the Chief is gunned down by his cousin and adversary, Tenda, played by Nathaniel Ramabulana. In the episode airing on Monday night, Tenda will finish off Chief Azwindini as revenge for those who put him in jail. In a statement shared with news reporters, the actor who has portrayed Chief Azwindini since 2000 stated that his character would live on forever.

“Life is a collective and well lived when it is shared. The chief of Thathe shall live forever”, he said.

The sudden and unexpected passing of the chief will leave the Mukwevho clan in a state of shock and grief. This tragic event will also trigger a series of family dramas expected to result in chaos within the royal house. The royal family will have to face the difficult task of dealing with the aftermath of this tragedy, which will undoubtedly be an emotional and challenging process.

Tenda’s kidnapping of Susan, portrayed by Maumela Mahuwa, was the first event in a series of events that ultimately led to the chief’s death. After kidnapping Susan, Tenda tampered with evidence in an attempt to frame Azwindini for her disappearance. Tenda’s plan was for Azwindini to be arrested, but the police were surprised when DNA evidence proved his innocence and no warrant had been issued for his arrest. This allowed Tenda to bring the chief into his presence before his ex-wife and the mother of his children, where he ruthlessly executed him.


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