Focallistic allegedly dumps DBN Gogo for Pabi Cooper

Focallistic allegedly dumps DBN Gogo for Pabi Cooper. Wonders never cease to amaze. A few days ago, the rumour mill had that amapiano sensations Focalistic, and DBN Gogo gad called it quits. However, in the mix of things, sources had it that their breakup came in the backdrop of cheating allegations.DBN-Gogo-and-Focalistic

Sources close to the then couple have it that the two had a fallout ten months ago, and they were keeping the news under wrap. Of interest is the fact that they have been dating since 2018. Their fallout barely comes after they announced their affair to the public in 2022. In the wake of their alleged fallout, another relationship is brewing between Focalistic and Pabi Cooper.

Reports have been making rounds, and the rumour is that Pabi Cooper may or may not be the reason for the DBN Gogo and Focalistic’s break up. After all, fresh from the box, rumours have it that Pabi Cooper and Focalistic are now an item.

To make matters worse, Maphepha Ndaba has given the nod to the news after a close friend of the new rumoured couple spilt all the beans to them. After all, it seems as if Pabi Cooper and Focalistic are dating and can’t hide it any more.

“Focalistic striked again says a loyal follower on the DM, however it’s not Dbn Gogo this time around, but it’s rumored to be Cooper Pabi who can’t hide it anymore. Pabi posted a bunch of roses rumoured to be from her new stallion.” wrote Maphepha Ndaba

Reportedly, an insider in both Pabi Cooper and Focalistic circle also revealed that Pabi is head over heels and she is failing dismally to hide her happiness. Pictures of her holding a bunch of white flowers are rumoured to have been a gift from Focalistic.Pabi Cooper

“Those close to Cooper says she’s so madly in love to a point that she might announce it to her fans anytime from now on, well the roses don’t speak volume, says Admomo who is still hibernating however stories keep piling up on the DM.” wrote Maphepha Ndaba

The insider, on the other hand, is adamant that a working relationship has suddenly turned into a romantic relationship between Pabi Cooper and Focalistic.

“Rumor that Pabi hit the famous Gogo ka stena are rive in the Goliwood, however it looks like Pabi is ready to come out and play in the open field” wrote Maphepha Ndaba


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