PHOTOS – Influencer Faith Nketsi drops receipts to show that her body is all natural

South African reality TV star, Faith Nketsi said she has not had any work done on the “masterpiece” that is her body.

The reality TV star said her body is all-natural and she has not gone under the knife for a BBL (Brazilian butt lift).


It’s unclear to whom Faith was directing the clarification but she shared “receipts” on social media from the olden days of how her body looked.

“It’s your fave saying I said I don’t want my bbl anymore for me. My babes, my body is top tier and there’s no question there! I know it and I love it! No surgeon can claim this masterpiece. Ok? OK,” she tweeted.

Her quick snap back came after baby Sky had tweeps guessing she went under the knife. Taking to her Twitter timeline, she set the record straight.

“But how are some people saying I did surgery. At what time? Even while taking you guys through my entire journey. Weeehh, lazy people always have something to say. Bleh,” she wrote.Faith Nketsi1

The star and mom of one said she lost weight but that one area is not going anywhere.

“I truly love my body né, but after a baby, I was left with a bigger butt and no matter how much I lose weight it’s not going anywhere. That time I miss my old jeans so much,” she posted.


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