Enhle Mbali expresses gratitude to boyfriend Peter Sebiloane for support

After her third successful showcase at South African Fashion Week (SAFW), Enhle Mbali is filled with pride and gratitude. Among the many people she thanked for their support was her new boyfriend. The actress and designer took to Instagram Live to express her appreciation to everyone who helped her present her new Essie Apparel collection for Spring/Summer 2023 at SAFW.

Enhle Mbali2

In the video, Enhle shared how her boyfriend has supported her during this new chapter in her life.

“It was beautiful in its entirety, people don’t understand what happens in the back, the craziness, the gratefulness I have in my life right now to all the people in my life who are working with me to build the me I hadn’t and haven’t built. I want to publicly thank everyone. My little sister, my boyfriend who is absolutely amazing, my PA, my two children. I am of this age and my dream has not died,” she said.

In a statement shared with a confirmed source, Enhle said: “This has been such an exciting journey — and the OPPO phone has been immaculate in capturing the process.”

With Essie Apparel, Enhle has garnered local and international attention.

“Today I have international awards for my acting and international awards for my fashion, this is only for the beginning.”

Enhle Mbali has been making all sorts of headlines of late after her relationship with the celebrated Gauteng business mogul came to light. The bubbly actress has moved on and has found love in the arms of Peter Sebiloane.

Rumour Mill has it that the two have been dating since they bumped into each other last year. Close sources have it that Enhle Mbali has been spending much of her time at Sebiloane’s Joburg North mansion. However, many questions have been asked who is Peter Sebiloane?

Peter is a celebrated entrepreneur and philanthropist and happens to be the founder of EduScimat. EduScimat has been credited with giving birth to advanced maths and science teaching in South Africa. He has been dupped as the academic genius who revolutionised South African education regarding ICTs.

No doubt, his vision gave birth to virtual schools and robust maths labs. Ntsu E NTsho Group is championing these projects. Its main emphasis is on the knowledge market and education support. Moreover, its main clients are Government institutions and big cooperate. Of interest is that EduScimat is the biggest interactive company in Africa. However, it has been spreading its wings across the globe of late.


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