Emtee – ‘I have never taken drugs in my life! Just lean’

CONTROVERSIAL rapper Emtee has been trying to clear his name for years.

The 30-year-old rapper Mthembeni ‘Emtee’ Ndevu has been repeatedly accused by people of taking drugs.

The conversation has started again, and he still claims that he has never taken drugs.

On Tuesday, 28 February, he wrote on Twitter that it made him angry that he was accused of being a drug addict. This was triggered by a tweet that said: “I wish you’d quit drugs and be clean. It’s possible.”

Emtee responded and said that he had been sober for some time and had finished with this life.

“All this talk about drugs makes me angry. I’ve even quit lean. I’ve been sober for a minute, so don’t give me this drug talk. I’m done with this life! Stop pushing agendas here,” he tweeted.

A fan commented on the tweet and asked if he only smoked weed or also took drugs, to which he said he only took lean.

“I have never taken drugs in my life! Just lean,” he said.

The rapper also addressed the same allegations in 2021, saying that people claim that he squanders his money on drugs.”

Later, he said that people claim that they wanted to make him look careless and clumsy.

Twitter user Makay commented: “They’re trying to drive you into depression and act surprised when it actually happens. Humans are toxic. Ignore them, Big Hustle. You’re doing amazing.”

Cellular Jnr said he must focus on his career. “Leave them wena Hustler and focus on filling up the largest stadium in Africa,” he tweeted.

Then Ayo Klef said he’s proud of Emtee. “Super proud of u Man….Emtee tha GOAT!” he wrote.

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