Gospel singer Dumi Mkokstad on accusations of cheating and being gay

The past years have been tough for award-winning gospel singer Dumi Mkokstad with accusations of cheating, being a player and being gay thrown at him.

In previous years, Dumi made headlines mostly for the wrong reasons, and he said those headlines made things tough for him as a man of God, a husband and a musician.

The star, whose real name is Mdumiseni Nzimande, sat down with Daily Sun and had a heart-to-heart about his life in the recent years.

“There’s so much that has happened in my life, painful things. To a point where I had to sit down with some of the journalists who had been writing these outrageous stories about me to ask what I did to them. Why they always attack me so much. Especially after my wedding in 2019 where I was accused of leaving a girlfriend I didn’t know about for my wife, and there was another accusation that I was with a woman on the night before my wedding,” he said.

“There was no peace, and it was supposed to be a time of joy and love, but there wasn’t any of that. It was hurtful for my wife and double the pain for me because I was feeling hurt on her behalf. At the same time I wanted to solve this,” he said.

Before getting married, Dumi had posted a video wearing matching hoodies with a lady and dancing to his trending song at the time, My God Is Too Much. Shortly after he got married, he was accused of dumping that lady for his wife, Ziphozenkosi.

“Honest truth, that was my girlfriend, whom I had intentions to marry. But we separated in 2018. She moved on with her life in September 2018 and I moved on too. When I got with Zipho, I told her I wanted to get married because I was ready to be a family man,” said the singer.

“I had always wanted to marry Zipho from when I was young but because I had a child while in university, I didn’t think she’d want to marry me. But I gave it a shot and she agreed. However, we didn’t get married immediately because she wanted to see if I truly loved her and wasn’t with her because I just wanted to get married. I finally paid lobola in March 2019, which was long after I separated from the woman in the video,” said Dumi.

He said the accusations had affected his life.

“The stories that came after we got married were hurtful. And it’s painful that I am still clearing my name till today. Clearing my name of allegations that weren’t true. It’s an unending pain because I have to keep on explaining myself to people,” he said.

“I live with other stories that have been there which are not true. This has affected my life and my ministry a lot. A lot of people look at me and think bad things about me,” said an emotional Dumi.

Two weeks ago, artist manager Aviwe Gqomfa accused the singer of sleeping with men for money. He told Daily Sun that the matter had since been sorted.

“We sat down with Aviwe and lawyers. I had said some things about him on Facebook and he took offence. I was just joking, but he took it seriously. During the meeting, he said he wanted to say something that would hurt me and he knew this would because I’ve been struggling with this stigma for years now,” he said.

“I am not gay and I am not saying there’s anything wrong with being gay. But I am not. If I were to tell people about how straight I am, people wouldn’t believe that I’m a Christian,” said Dumi.

When asked if he knew the people making accusations about him, he said he’d dealt with them one way or the other.

“In 2015, someone said I have a child with them and don’t take care of them. I discovered it was someone who had an obsession with me from back home. So it wasn’t true. In 2017, another story came up. Only parts of that story were true, the rest weren’t. So what I’m trying to say is, I have a connection to most of these people who keep on telling lies about me. But I have no control over the things they say. Unfortunately, people buy their stories,” said Dumi.

Aviwe confirmed the issue between him and Dumi had been sorted.

“We spoke and everything is fine. Ace Ngcobo got us together and said we must sort whatever issues we had. We spoke as brothers. We both saw our mistakes and apologised to each other,” he said.

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