Drip Footwear founder Lekau Sehoana in legal battle with ex-wife

Lekau Sehoana the founder and CEO of sneaker brand, Drip Footwear — has reportedly opened an extortion case against his estranged wife, Lebohang.

According to Sunday World, the Limpopo-born businessman headed to the Pretoria police station earlier this month after his ex demanded that he gives her 50% of the company shares.

A police statement allegedly revealed that the former couple had a meeting in 2021, which is when Lebohang demanded the shares. Lekau reportedly refused to give into her demands.

However, Lebohang allegedly threatened to tarnish his image through the media.

“She demanded more money exceeding the agreement they have made,” read the statement.

According to a source, it was Lebohang who opened a case first. She reportedly claimed that she deserves half the company because they jointly incorporated it.

This led to Lekau opening a counter-case against his ex-lover. The source said that the popular businessman claimed that he started Drip Footwear shortly after their separation in 2020.

He also allegedly told police that they cannot entertain the matter as it is civil case and not a criminal one.

The couple was allegedly set to finalise their divorce, according to the source, as Lekau is no longer in love with his former wife. However, Lebohang reportedly refused and wanted to fix their problems.

The case of extortion was confirmed by Gauteng police spokesperson Mavela Masondo.

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