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Musician Dr Malinga gives newborn twins stage names

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Musician Dr Malinga gives newborn twins stage names

The Via Orlando musician announced the birth of his twin boys, bringing his brood to five. Malinga could not contain his joy as he shared pictures of the twin boys who are reported to be in good health. The twins were born at Louis Pasteur Private Hospital Paeds.

Taking to Instagram on Thursday morning, the musician shared a screenshot from his first video call with his wifey and the boys. Due to strict hospital regulations on account of Covid-19, Malinga was unable to be in the room with his wife and immediately hold his new bundle of twins.

“Because of this coronavirus I couldn’t hold my wife’s hand, but our twins are here – thank you, Lord, amen,” said an emotional Dr. Malinga. His twins have quite unique names and Dr. Malinga says there is a good reason for this.

“I wanted names like stage names, not something common. I wanted unique names that are not there yet,” he says. “But both these names are what most of my friends address me with.”

Lingos comes from his surname Malinga and Legend is a name he was called by his late friend, Themba Phungula, who used to say he was a legend for having so much energy any time of the day no matter what he was doing.

Dr. Malinga also revealed how he got super emotional when he saw his twin boys for the first time via a video call. He shared that he got emotional when he saw his baby boys on the phone for the first time. The proud father thanked God that his wife and both kids are healthy.

The lockdown has forced Malinga, now-father of five to rethink celebrating his wife and the twins’ births the way he wanted to. But apart from that, he is happy that his boys are healthy and Boitumelo is fine.

“I planned to slaughter two cows for my children as a way to welcome them. But because of the corona, that won’t be happening. And I was hurt that I also couldn’t throw my wife a baby shower because of the same reason. But apart from that, it’s happiness all the way,” a happy Dr Malinga said.

Lingos and Legend not lingo https://t.co/bDZDhr9Sw0

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