AKA’s best friend Don Design labeled a suspect in the rapper’s murder

Don Design who is famously known as one of AKA’s best friends has been labeled a suspect by social media users and detectives.

South Africans have cried out for justice over the killing of the rapper whose real name is Kiernan Forbes.

While fingers were busy pointing out suspects, the CCTV footage of how the rapper was shot dead surfaced on social media.

Internet detectives started analyzing the footage and many drew a conclusion that Don Design who is a musician knows something about Kiernan’s death.

The DJ trending on social media due to their demand for an answer.

Check out the tweets below:

Yoh. I want to defend Don Design but imagine everyone’s first instinct is to run away and yours is to cover your ears for the gun shot sound. Closing your ears when a gun is next to you is mad business while everyone runs for safety.

· That Don Design nigga was only worried about the sound of the gun. Closing your ears when a gun is next to u is wild.

#JusticeForAKA it’s clear as daylight that Don Design had is role in aka’s death and I’m sure the tembe family knew exactly when and how it would go down

Don Design must be taken for questioning enklik he must be arrested,he’s definitely involved in AKA’s shooting lo Msunu


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AKA’s younger brother Steffan Forbes and father, Tony Forbes visit the scene of his shooting.

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