DJ Maphorisa dragged into Cyan Boujee’s tlof tlof video

Following controversial Mzansi DJ and influencer, Cyan Boujee getting her dirty business leaked online, social media users could not help but wonder who the unidentified man in the video is.

Her tlof tlof video went viral, and since then, more celebrities have been scathed by the wandering bullets.

South Africans are debating on social media whether Prince Kaybee or DJ Maphorisa was the person filming the viral Cyan Boujee leaked video.

The slay queen disclosed to her close companions on Instagram that she thinks Prince Kaybee is the person who took the viral video while it was being shared around. Even though she only shared the message with a small group of people on her Stories. it got leaked via screenshots.

Prince Kaybee, a house music producer, was identified as the leak’s mastermind by Cyan Boujee, but Mzansi remained unsatisfied and added DJ Maphorisa to the equation.

Although Cyan denied it on Podcast And Chill, there have been rumours that she and Phori were more than just buddies. She continued by saying that she was open to dating the Ba Straata hitmaker.Dr Shaun: “Zoom in her eyes you will see.”

Tshepo: “I would rather go back to my ex she’s way cleaner than what I’ve witnessed there, especially for r50k never.”

Cleo: “I can tell you SAPS should just send their unsolved cases here . SA Twitter is something else

Hlonie: “Nah ngu prince loo.”

Afrikan Chef ZA: “Kabelo’s hands seem cleaner.”

Grootman Yakho: “From the pics you showed. It’s Prince.

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