DJ Lamiez Holworthy Responds To Trolls Asking Why She Never Spends Time With Her Mother-In-Law

Lamiez Holworthy replies troll who questioned her relationship with her mother-in-law, Khuli Chana’s mom.

The DJ is fond of celebrating her mother and sharing photos of her on social media, but it’s not a common thing with Khuli’s mother.

A follower reacted to a recent photo of Lamiez and her mother with, “Where is your mother-in-law when you’re always breastfed?”

The pregnant star who doesn’t hesitate to clapback responded with:

“First of all, you look old enough to be my mother. Secondly, o tsena kae kamo o ja ke eng Ausi?! (what does this have to do with you?) Who hurt you?! HEAL o sa tlo gafela Nna! (Heal, and don’t be forward).”

Holworthy recently frowned at pregnancy jokes.

“So, I’ve seen the comparisons, compliments and even jokes about pregnancy and whilst I count myself very lucky because I haven’t experienced any drastic physical changes (although the abdominal pains, swollen legs, nausea, migraines and hormones are showing me real flames) I simply don’t like the jokes attacking other pregnant women,” she wrote.


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