Inside Dintle and Reggie’s wedding – PHOTOS

Dintle on Scandal! is one character we’ve seen grow from being a troublesome teenager to being a schemer and now a respected businesswoman.

Now she’s about to become a wife.

After years of scheming and trapping people into relationships with her, she’s finally marrying for love.Dintle and Reggie

The character, played by Mapaseka Koetle-Nyokong, will be tying the knot to her rich beau, Reggie (Makhoala Ndebele) on Tuesday, 24 January.

The couple has been through ups and downs and it looked like they wouldn’t reach this stage.Dintle and Reggie1

Reggie entered Dintle’s life as an arts teacher who was hired to help her daughter with art. They fell in love and got engaged. However, things changed when Reggie’s son, Karabo (Bohlokwa Mpiti) came into the picture.

Karabo tried everything in his power to break Dintle and his father up. He went as far as blackmailing Dintle, but their love stood the test of time.Dintle and Reggie3

They’re finally having their white wedding on Tuesday.

Dintle’s first wedding was with Mangi (Kagiso Modupe). They got married in prison while Mangi was incarcerated.

This will be her second wedding.

See photos of the wedding below.

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