DA’s load-shedding march labeled a publicity stunt

The African National Congress (ANC) accused the Democratic Alliance (DA) in the Western Cape of trying to score cheap political points with its Cape Town march.

At least 1,000 DA members took to the streets on Wednesday, calling on the ANC to put an end to the country’s rolling blackouts.

Western Cape DA leader, Tertius Simmers, said that South Africans were tired of sitting in the dark.

“We are tired of sitting in darkness for up to four hours a day. We are protesting against, ultimately, a dysfunctional party that is leading our country dysfunctionally. They do not deserve to govern anymore.”

However, the ANC’s Western Cape coordinator, Ronalda Nelumango, accused the DA of grandstanding.

“And I’m saying this is just a publicity stunt for the 2024 elections. They’re marching here, but they’re forgetting the sewage that’s running in our townships. They’re forgetting children who have drowned in open sewerage. They are forgetting all things they are supposed to do as a governing party, here, in the Western Cape.”


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