Cyan Boujee Fires Back at MacG Over ‘Prostitute’ Comment

Cyan Boujee Fires Back at MacG Over ‘Prostitute’ Comment

Media personality, influencer, and renowned DJ Cyan Boujee is outraged following a recent episode of “Podcast and Chill” where Mac G and Sol Phenduka took aim at her. MacG went as far as to label Boujee a prostitute and criticized her for conducting a motivational talk at a school.

During the podcast, he posed the question to Phenduka and Khanya Hlubi, aka Ghost Lady, “What’s your take on prostitutes motivating kids… Cyan Boujee, seriously, what nonsense is that… That principal must be fired.” Phenduka responded, “That’s just foul. Who authorized Boujee to speak at a school… She can’t even articulate herself… Why would you invite Cyan Boujee to a school? I don’t understand it; if I were a parent there, I’d be knocking down doors.”

Following this, the podcasters reached out to Boujee, who explained on air how the school visit came about. She revealed that a grandmother, who also teaches at the school, requested her to deliver a motivational talk to the Grade 7 students, as they were tasked with writing essays about their role models.

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Boujee emphasized, “I realized that beyond all the controversy, many people really look up to me because of the strength that I exhibit… She found one student who wrote about me. So the motivation was to encourage them to finish school.” Boujee further expressed that she felt appreciated and loved by the pupils during her visit to the school.

“Maybe you guys are trying to make a joke about me going to the school, but actually I witnessed it myself.

“I got to see how kids love me, start crying, which means that they actually look up to me. They see the greatness that I have, and maybe they just see that they can be the same way as I am.”

@xavierstifler #PodcastAndChill – Cyan Boujee was called by her grandmother who’s a teacher in that school to come & motivate kids?🤔 Is it nepotism, or she’s that good, & kids really look up to her? MacG’s line of questioning 😭😭😂 #podcastandchillwithmacg🔥🔥 #fyp #cyanboujee @podcastandchill @SolPhenduka ♬ original sound – Xavier Problematic S

After realising that MacG and Phenduka were using their platform to make fun of her, she took to social media to clap back at the podcasters.

She wrote on X: “Being in the industry for decades and having a 22-year-old come in a year and make 10x what you’ve made is the kind of hate I understand, but I repeat, ‘Don’t swear on my name’.

“Keep your respect high for me cause you know I’m one of the top 5 guests out of a million guests you’ve had that gave you one million views.

“And I don’t wanna talk about that dark blue, blob fish fat man. He’s just a puppet gaining coins from this and I’ll be stooping 100 times low.”


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