Connie Ferguson Finally Speaks About the Loss of Her Husband

Connie Ferguson had Mzansi in tears when she talked about her husband’s sickness, death and how life has been after losing him.

The star also opened up about how it was difficult for her to go back to work following Shona Ferguson’s death.

The veteran actress touched on what inspired her and the team to continue with the production of the highly anticipated Kings of Joburg 2.

Connie and Shona Ferguson’s love story is one of the most romantic in Mzansi and fans still can’t believe that Shona Ferguson is gone forever. The award-winning actress recently opened up about how life has been for her and her family after losing Uncle Sho.

Speaking during an interview with Newz Room Afrika, the former Generations star said she took a month off work to mourn her husband. Connie said that was one of the most difficult things to do as she was scared she would break down while on set.


She said: “I had to pluck up the courage to go back to work because we were still shooting The Queen and when Sho passed we were supposed to start shooting Kings of Joburg.

That first day was very strange because I hadn’t seen my cast and crew since after the burial. I prayed so hard that morning before I went to work just for the courage to not break down and just start the day.

Connie Ferguson found herself trending on social media following the interview. Many lauded the actress for her strength and how she carried herself during the difficult time.

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