Bianca Coster, a young actress, has been cast in the e-TV serial Isitha: The Enemy. One name has surfaced in response to this revelation. And that person is none other than Chris Excel, also known as the “president” of black Twitter, who has 1.6 million followers.

For those who are unfamiliar with the plot, Bianca Coster and Chris Excel are inextricably linked; the two are almost interchangeable. How? Chris Excel or, to be more precise, the person who is responsible for the account, uses a photo of Bianca Coster as their profile image.

To which Chris Excel has never denied and in a way, there is really nothing illegal about it, as he has made it clear it is a parody/catfish account.

So, were does the problem lie? Well, it has been said the reputation that the account has, some people who are against the account have accused it for pushing negativity, but in reality, with the amount of reports the account has gotten over the years, if that was the case it would have been suspended. The truth is, it is simply jealous and intolerance of different views, nothing more.

Nevertheless, the upcoming actress has been on different podcasts, claiming how the account has stolen her identity, with her recent appearance on one podcast by controversial YouTuber Penuel The God. On the podcast, she would lament about how Chris Excel has stolen her identity, garnering both sympathy and negative reactions.

Those with negative reactions claim that why is she only complaining now, when she was okay with the use of the picture all along, as the account has now become one of the most popular not only in Mzansi but the whole of the continent. She has been getting endorsements and now acting gigs, all that because of the Chris Excel account popularity. If anything, she should be grateful, they say.

Anyways, despite all the drama, the good news is she has been cast onto one of the hottest tv productions, it is a big opportunity for her, the sky is the limit. Congratulations Bianca Coster.

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