Chart-Topping Singer Donald Now Serving at Your Local Petrol Station?

Well-known South African afro-soul singer, songwriter, recording artist, and entertainer, Donald was recently seen serving at a petrol station as an attendant.

A blog reported that the musician has dumped his music career to become a petrol attendant.

However, the music star had initially explained on Instagram that he only explored the profession for a day to appreciate other attendants.

“So, on Tuesday I met a guy called SAM who works at Engine Garage Empire Rd, we chatted for a bit and a thought came to my mind, how would it be to be in shoes as a petrol attendant for one day, I asked him and he said YES without any hesitation. @CasswellP pulled up with his Vclass Merc and I had to get to work ⛽️ 😅👊🏽 A Big Shoutout to SAM for being an unsung hero, a young man working hard for his family,” he wrote.

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