Bonang Matheba’s new photos leaves Mzansi men drooling

Legendary South African television personality Bonang Matheba hardly posts on social media since turning her attention to business. However, when the House Of BNG posts, she is bound to get people talking and top the trending charts.

Matheba has just posted a new pic where she is seen wearing a red see-through dress, leaving everyone left for words.

Bonang Matheba3

This comes after Netflix released the official teaser for the second season of the hit unscripted reality series, Young, Famous & African.

This season sees the return of Africa’s most famous and fabulous, as they embrace life and love on the richest square mile on the continent. This time, however, a few new faces promise to make their mark in Africa’s most elite group.

Bonang Matheba1

South Africa’s entertainment industry darling Bonang Matheba will also make an and her presence certainly ruffle a few feathers. Fantana, Ghanaian-American rapper and all-around superstar who quickly makes her mark on the group, and Luis Munana from Namibia, former Big Brother Africa contestant and entrepreneur extraordinaire who brings the heat from the onset.

What’s The Deal Between Bonang And Pinkygirl

There have been a lot of questions regarding Bonang and Pinkygirl’s strained relationship.

In a lengthy post, where she reintroduces herself as a creative individual with a plethora of skills under her belt.

“Hey, my loves, it’s time you get your facts right and get to know me better. I’m so excited about this journey in my life FINALLY I’ve decided to have my own YouTube channel called “The PinkStar “as per your request too. I’ve been meaning to start the channel but my mind has been all over the place, not knowing how to start. Fortunately, I have found a wonderful team that encouraged me to start, because they believe I have so much to give” wrote Pinky Girl

“I’ve been in the entertainment industry since 2016 not knowing what I was doing I was just told I’m going to be on TV and here am I, I’m learning a lot, and so far I’ve learned that there’s so much hatred, jealousy, discouragement, you just have to be strong and that everyone is on their own until you get the right team that believes you can do it, and that we are all destined for something, we just need to risk it and try. I believe so about me. It’s not about competition but doing something I love too. DOING ME.” added Pinky Girl



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Gugu Khathi

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