Bianca Naidoo opens up about life a year after Riky Rick’s death

“I’ve decided this year I’m not going to put pressure on myself,” she says. “I’m trying to figure out a lot of things and I want to ensure I make Riky proud. I want to be a great mom and support our kids. It’s a lot of learning, this new normal. Trying to understand and deal with grief.

You reports that Ricky’s presence still lives on in the home of the rapper who battled depression before dying by suicide in 2022 Naidoo reveals her first encounter with the late rapper was casual and that she made the first move by asking a friend to pass her phone number to him.Bianca-Naidoo (1)

“And then we chatted over the phone. I don’t know if he was scared [to make the first move]. I guess he was just doing the right thing. I’m a shy and private person. I think he did it out of respect and it worked out.”

Bianca Naidoo says she was drawn to Riky Rick’s “infectious aura,” when they first met: “I’ve said this quite often before: I know the fact that Riky and I were put together was God’s work. It was meant to be. I feel like we were part of the same tree. There were just so many things that made sense. It was just right.”

Naidoo also tells You that the family unit was something she will always cherish because he always made time for the kids.

“He made all the effort in the world to make sure he was present, even when he was tired. He worked a lot, but he’d always do activities with the kids. Maik learned so much from Riky because he was so present. I’m so grateful for that. She adds that Ricky’s death was the worst one of her life and she doesn’t know how she got through it.

“Having to tell the kids. I don’t even know how I was feeling. I can’t even remember if I was numb. Survival mode kicked in, not for myself, but for the children and everyone else around me. I tried to be open and honest with my children because I wanted them to know what had happened from me,” she says.

Six months after his passing, Naidoo revealed to the SABC that she had a beautiful conversation with Riky before he died.

We spoke about everything, just life, us, the kids, and the way he was feeling. That conversation gave me a lot of peace because any questions or doubts were spoken about in the conversation we had. She reveals his last words to her were that he was on his way home and he loves her.

“His last words to me were ‘I’m on my way home and love you’. I went to bed and when I woke up two hours later and realised that he wasn’t home, I didn’t get concerned right away, because sometimes he’d stay late in the studio. I miss everything about him. The kids are constant reminders of him, but in everything I do, he is there.

Source: The southafrican


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