Babes Wodumo Clears Her Name in the Fashion Designer Attack

A polarizing figure in the vibrant Gqom music scene, Babes Wodumo, formerly recognized as Bongekile Simelane, finds herself amidst a public feud with Philly Mhlongo, a prominent fashion designer hailing from Durban and the owner of Sk’Dee Designs.

The clash, captured on video, has triggered significant public interest.

The Accusations Unveiled

In a widely circulated video clip, Babes Wodumo is depicted engaged in a heated argument with Philly Mhlongo. Philly accuses Babes and her accompanying dancers, Smiso Zulu and Sanele Smallz, of reneging on their commitment to settle the payment for garments borrowed for their appearance at the IFP manifesto launch. Philly asserts that despite an initial deposit, the dancers failed to return the borrowed items as agreed upon.

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Setting the Record Straight

Babes Wodumo-Image Source(Instagram)
Babes Wodumo-Image Source(Instagram)

Babes Wodumo has taken a decisive step to refute the allegations, vehemently asserting that this isn’t the first instance where Philly has targeted her unfairly.

According to Babes, she opted to directly address the issue with Philly upon noticing social media posts implicating her.

She vehemently denies any personal involvement in the ordeal and insists that her name has been unjustly entangled in the dispute.

The Confrontation Unraveled

Recounting her version of events, Babes narrates her visit to Philly’s studio alongside her father and a security personnel.


She alleges that upon confronting Philly regarding the accusations, she was met with hostility and verbal aggression. Babes contends that she was compelled to reciprocate due to Philly’s alleged state of inebriation, which she claims contributed to the escalation of tensions.

Philly’s Perspective

Philly Mhlongo, however, presents a contrasting narrative, maintaining that Babes Wodumo arrived at her studio under the influence and instigated the confrontation.

She alleges that Babes not only physically assaulted her but also issued threats against her life. Philly stresses her stance as a business owner, asserting her right to demand respect from all parties involved.

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