Close friend reveals AKA was going to propose to Nadia Nakai

AKA and Nadia Nakai who knew each other for a decade had a beautiful romantic relationship within two years, but death ended their love story.

The rapper whose real name was Kiernan Forbes fell in love with Bragga during his dark times, but the love catalyzed him to an elated phase, which made him label Nakai his saviour.


Yanga Chief attested to this during the memorial service of the rapper which took place last week Friday.

“The first time I asked Kiernan how your relationship was going, he didn’t hesitate to tell me, ‘Bah! This is it for me, Nadia saved my life.’ I thank you for loving my bru and bringing him back when we thought we lost him the first time. He loved you so much.”


A close friend of AKA revealed to Zimoja that the rapper planned to propose to Nadia Nakai on Valentine’s day.

“He was done. He felt he had no purpose and he had reached a creating block when they started dating. So, she became his saving grace,” he says.

“Before they dated, everything Kiernan was doing, was so he stays alive, but only his daughter and his family were keeping him sane. He was depressed until he and Nadia started dating. She supported him. Took the late-night calls when he was crying and she was there for him.”

“She was the one. He was planning to propose this year. He was hopeless romantic and I am sure by Valentine’s day, it would have been done,” he says.


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