Life Sentence for ‘Charming Psychopath’ Kyle Ruiters in Lynette Volschenk Murder Case

Kyle Ruiters, self-described as a “charming psychopath and a smart serial killer,” has been sentenced to life imprisonment by the Western Cape High Court for the murder and dismemberment of Lynette Volschenk. The court found Ruiters guilty of premeditated murder, violating a corpse, and attempting to defeat the administration of justice.

National Prosecuting Authority spokesperson Eric Ntabazalila stated that Judge Robert Henney, in his judgment, emphasized the dangerous nature of the accused and the need for substantial and compelling circumstances to deviate from the prescribed minimum sentence of life imprisonment. The judge found the circumstances presented by Ruiters insignificant when considering the overall context of the case.

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Due to the gruesome nature of the premeditated murder, Ruiters underwent a psychiatric evaluation at Valkenberg Psychiatric Hospital during the trial. Professor Sean Kaliski’s report concluded that while Ruiters exhibited definite psychopathic traits, he was not mentally ill.

The crime took place on August 21, 2019, when Ruiters fatally stabbed Volschenk multiple times inside her Bellville flat. Ruiters revealed in a guilty plea that he owed a substantial debt to a drug dealer, leading him to formulate a plan to murder someone, steal their valuable items, and settle the debt.

Ruiters extensively researched potential victims, including Volschenk, tracking their movements, workplaces, and social media activities. After killing her, he dismembered her body parts and disposed of some along Jip de Jager Drive, Bellville.

The attempt to defeat the administration of justice charge arose from Ruiters misleading Volschenk’s colleagues and the police, leading them to a false location for the disposal of her head.

Judge Henney, considering the totality of the evidence, emphasized that Ruiters was undoubtedly a dangerous criminal, posing a threat not only to society but specifically to women. Henney expressed certainty that Ruiters would commit offenses again if released.

Ruiters received a life sentence for premeditated murder, 15 years for violating the corpse, and 5 years for attempting to defeat the ends of justice. Additionally, he was declared unfit to possess a firearm.

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