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Zondo Is Not Backing Down From Jacob Zuma’s Games!


Former South African President Jacob Zuma is notorious for his antics every time he is under investigation, Zuma has a tendency to play the victim card and also make it personal.

Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo currently does not seem like he has any intentions of backing down from the former South African President during his investigations into his involvement and contribution in the capture of the state.

Jacob Zuma has recently launched a person attack on the Deputy Chief Justice and attempted to use his family ties in his favor.

Zuma and his lawyers are claiming that the is a conflict of interest between him and Zondo as Zondo once dated the sister of one of Zuma’s wives in the 1990s 25 years ago.

However Raymond Zondo is saying that he dated the woman years before Zuma started a relationship with her sister.

“To my knowledge Mr Zuma had no relationship with Ms Thobeka Madiba in the mid 1990s.” – Said Zondo